[...whatever lies ahead won't deter me...I'm ready]

[...whatever lies ahead won't deter me...I'm ready]

Event: Hearts for Nine Stations  
Ends: Monday, May 2nd

Complete Outfit: hoorenbeek [h] - Duke (NEW)

Beer: [ kunst ] - Kunsteiner can / Red ale
Dog: Just Animals - German Shepherd

Pose: Chat Noir - Male pocket pose #5 (slightly modified) @ Heart for Nine States Event

Location: Nusquam

Now playing: Simple Man by Shinedown

[.....no sorrows to drown....I'm finding a new beginning]

[.....no sorrows to drown....I'm finding a new beginning]

Complete Outfit: hoorenbeek [h] - Torrance (NEW)
Hat: Argrace - Military Cap

Bag: Caligula - Combat duffle bag black
Bag: [Deadwool] - Janus duffle bag - olive


Ash tray: .:Hermony:. - Ashtray&Cigarettes
Beer: [ kunst ] - Kunsteiner mug / Red ale #1
Bowl: [Ginger Line] - Nuts Mix
Chair: Soy. Old laboratory chair
Cigarettes Set: Tartessos Arts - Chungo Set (C)
Paper: Apple Fall - Crumpled Newspaper
Personal items: Bazar - Traveler Vintage personal items
Tab: Ideza Furniture - Mon petit bistro The Bill

Sim Structure: Pixel Mode - Fall Harvest - Barn

Pose: Del May - Dropped note (slightly modified)

Location: Nusquam

Now playing: Over You by Daughtry

[......about that walk mate?]

[......about that walk mate?]


Outfit: ::K:: - S/S Jump Suit Homme Ocher @ Shiny Shabby
Shoes: .::ILLI::..  - Sean w/ HUD

Necklace: [MANDALA] - Onigiri necklace/inca Gold
Tattoo: .Inhale. - Warrior Tattoo
Wrist: [ kunst ] - Infinity cuffs @ The Liaison Collaborative

Basket: Serenity Style - Natural Way Basket@ Shiny Shabby
Dog: theosophy - Shibu Inu Hurry Up
Tree: Mitsuko Kytori - Spring Trees with Wind effect and Flower

Pose: [3M] - Chairs 5_0 (modified)

Location: NorderNey

[......the heart of the matter is home]

[......the heart of the matter is home]

Sweater: ::K:: - V-Neck Pullover Homme Sand  @ Shiny Shabby
Pants: ::K:: - Relaxed Knit &Sewn Trousers in Black


Frame: 22769/bauwerk - Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror @ The Liaison Collaborative
Plant: 22769/bauwerk - Aloe Vera Black (gift) @ The Liaison Collaborative

Chair: DIGS - Milligan Chair @ The Liaison Collaborative
Ottoman: DIGS - Milligan Ottoman @ The Liaison Collaborative

Papers: [Toiz] - 6. developer (gacha) The Liaison Collaborative
Tray: [Toiz] - 7. portfolio (gacha) @ The Liaison Collaborative

Bass: CONVAIR - String Bass @ The Liaison Collaborative

Bottle: [ keke ] - Water bottles @ The Liaison Collaborative

Cup: .random.Matter. - Tea Time - Cup of Tea [White] @ The Liaison Collaborative

Frame: uK - Industrial Frame 3 White @ The Liaison Collaborative

Potted Plant: Kalopsia - Bottle Vase - Yellow @ The Liaison Collaborative

Art: 22769 /[bauwerk] Pallet Art Brooklyn Bridge @ Tres Chic
Bed: 22769/bauwerk - Pallet @ Tres Chic
Fireplace: Apple Fall - Period Fireplace @ Shiny Shabby
Art: Wood Works Furniture - Three panel island @ Spring Frest $10L Cart Sale
Pillows: The Artist Shed - Funky Pillow Stack (One) @ Spring Frest $10L Cart Sale

Bag: 22769/[bauwerk] - Woven Bag Sand
Bag: David Heather - Yves Mahogany Bag
Blankets: Serenity Style - Pile of Blankets
Books: {BE} - Books
Books: Serenity Style- Pile of Books
Candles: C- Outlet - Melie Candles
Chair: 22769/[bauwerk] Coat Chair
Clock: LISP - Juliette Alarm Clocks - Metals
Lamp: Aria's Stuff - Classic lamp
Pad: Hydro - Notepad Open
Picture frame: cloud66 - Photo frame (gift)
Plant: Terashop - Office Plants /Potted Philodendron MC
Rug: Artisan Fantasy - Hacienda Striped Rug
Slippers: Bazar - Torronto-Slippers
Slippers: Tartessos Arts - Leather Slippers
Stand: Bazar -Toronto-Night table left
Suitcase: Apple Fall - Apple Fall - Monogram Suitcases
Wall bricks: [NO CONCEPT] - wall brick1(dark brown)
Wall decor: R2 Innovations - Lie With Me Wall Stencil V2
Cat: StoraxTree- Feline Treasures - Naptime - Dk Grey Tabby m
Structure: -aKa- Expo Skybox
Couple Pose: RK Poses - Forever (gift) female position used
Poses: RK Poses - Remy #2 (slightly modified)

Now playing: Be by Daley

| Save the Date |

Tannenbaum Holiday Market

Coming this holiday season, Tannenbaum's Holiday Market!! It's an event featuring some of Second Life's outstanding brands across the grid; selling festive clothing, jewelry, skins, hairs, home decor, toys and treats, and more! Once you have done your shopping you should wander into the Christmas Tree Lot and peruse a fantastic selection of ornaments, lights, garland and other trims for your tree!

Tannenbaum's Holiday Market opens Wednesday, November 25th and promises to be a delightful place, where Second Life residents are sure to be swept up in the holiday spirit! Hope to see you there.

Facebook Page: HERE
Location: HERE

| Creators Collection Box Is OPEN |

Creators Collection Box (Event Announcement)

The winter event for the Creators Collection Box showcasing some amazing Japanese items by their designers has begun. It's a sale you don't want to miss. So please stop over today and check out these brands and their releases.

Begins: November 21st till December 12th

Location: HERE
Website: HERE


| Hair O logy Is Now OPEN! |

Hairology poster

Hairology is a collaborative project focusing on one's need for hair. Let's be honest, besides apparel and cars mate, the next thing for us is hair. At this event the selection among these great brands, you are sure to find just what you need.  Be it beards, bases, fros, and the etc, it time to make that trip.

So don't delay. Get going now mates!

Taxi: HERE