[.....it's finally here....]

Ears: CheerNo - Human_EarsPLUGopen B280714
Feet: Slink AvEnhance - Male Feet Flat
Hair: Soonsiki - Kaleidoscope in Brown @ TMD
Hand: Slink AvEnhance - Relaxed

Sweater: Xin - Knit Sweater in Olive @ Kustom 9
Jeans: Zenith - OIII jeans 08
Shoes: ILLI -SLink Invictus Grey Camo (NEW)
Scarf: C L A Vv. - Long Scarf Bblack RARE @ Kustom 9

Latern: Epia - Grim Latern @ The Secret Affair Event
Pose: Frozen - Leaves Poses @ Four Seasons Market

Location: Small Town Green
Now playing: September Morning by Warren Hill

[....these are the terms of renegotiation]

Ears: CheerNO - Human_EarsPLUGopen B280714
Feet: Slink AvEnhance - Male Feet Flat
Hair: HOMAGE : Stay High - Noir @ Kustom 9
Hairbase: Unorthodox - Geometric Mohawk
Hand: Slink AvEnhance - Relaxed
Skin: Aeros Skin - Javier

Shirt: etham - Jared Sweater - Black @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room
Jeans: Kal Rau - Casual Jeans
Shoes: ILLI -SLink Invictus Grey Camo (NEW)

Bag: [Deadwool] - Janus Duffle Bag - black
Bracelet: 7mad;Ravens - Prime Rebel @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room
Cigarette: Hermony - Ultimate Cigarette / Package
Glasses: S O R G O - ALCAZ Shades / Carbon
Phone: C L A Vv. - Executive Phone Call Black @ Kustom 9
Tattoo: PerveTTe - My Rosary [Unisex] @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Pose: Vestige. - Morris #2

Location: The Cold Water
Now playing: Single by Lil Wayne

[....some reminders are necessary]

Braids: Illmatic/Unorthodox - Frenchie in Noir
Hands: Slink - AvEnhance Relax Hands
Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins - Marcello in Cocoa

Shirt: BETA - Rottweiler - Shirt
Jeans: VG - Dope Jeans w/ Hud (NEW)
Boots: hoorenbeek [h] - Patagonia in Wheat
Tattoo: [ZENTRO] - Dreamcatcher tattoo @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Bracelet: 7mad;Ravens - Prime Plain Black @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room
Hat: [BODY FACTORY] - The Coin Caps (Marley-Gold) @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room
Necklace: Exquisite Jewellery - Gold Outlaw Necklace
Pipe: [NikotiN] - Pipe Weed in Wood
Watch: Mandala - Billionaire Genius Sexy Black

Car: P&W - N - ms 38 Black V.8
Pose: Unorthodox Animation - One One #1

Now playing: Comfortable by Lil Wayne

[...not quite the road less traveled]

Beard: Beusame - Stubble
Hair: Dura - Boys/Girl #36
Hands: CheerNo - Hands M #5
Skin: Belleza - Eric Tan

Jacket: V-Spot - Vintage N' Cool Jacket in Black (NEW)
Pants: ILLI - Casual Pants w/hud (NEW)
Shoes: Kauna - Oxford in Black

Location: The Colder Water
Now playing: Not in that way by Sam Smith

[.... some days are bleak]

Ears: CheerNO - Human_EarsPLUGopen B280714
Freckles: Milk - Odd Beauty Freckles.
Hair: Soonsiki - Kaleidoscope in Black @ TMD
Hand: Slink AvEnhance - Relaxed

Shirt: xin. - Censored Hoodie in Navy @ TMD
Pants: Delirium Style - Bray's Casual Baggy Capri w/Hud (NEW)
Shoes: Frontline - Supra SkyTop II Navy Blue/Gold
Vapor: [NikotiN] - Original Vape (Hand) @ TMD

Bird: Grizzly Creek Digital Art - Eurasian Songbird Treesparrow (gift)
Counter: 8f8 - La Petite Joie Cafe - Counter @ The Arcade Gacha
Fence: 8f8 - La Petite Joie Cafe - Fence @ The Arcade Gacha
Toy: Serenity Style - Wooden Boy Toy @ Gacha Mania
Toy: Serenity Style - Wooden Babe in Car (RARE) @ Gacha Mania
Toy: Serenity Style - Wooden Kitty  Toy @ Gacha Mania
Tree: Thus Magic - Japanese Maple Tree

[... friendship]

Beard: Fe Style -Facial Hair - 8ED/4
Ears: CheerNO - Human_EarsPLUGopen B280714
Feet: Slink AvEnhance - Male Feet Flat
Hair: xin - Sehun hair (group gift)
Shape: Fa Tru - Reckless
Skin: Aeros Skin - Javier

Top: C L A Vv. Grunge Long Tee @ Kustom 9
Pants: Apple May Designs - Low Rise Emo Pants in Black
Shoes: ILLI - SLink Kenneth Open Sneakers

Bracelet: Mandala - Sankara
Ring: W E S T 143RD -Spiked Knuckled Rings
Scarf: Delirium Style -  Unisex Scarf w. HUD (NEW)
Tattoo: [ZENTRO] - Dreamcatcher tattoo @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room
Wristband: 7mad;Ravens - Prime Silver Cross @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Cigarettes: [NikotiN] Cigarette Butts
Dog: All or Nothing - Black & White Bulldog (animated)
Stool: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Steam Powered Pouf @ Clockwork Spiral

Clockwork Spiral Event: website
100% Donation items to help support the National Kidney Foundation

[......sincerely yours...]

Hair: Dura - Men #52 in Black (NEW)
Hands: CheerNo - Hands #1
Feet: CheerNo - Feet v.3
Skin: Belleza - Jacob SK

Sweater: [monso] - My Preppy Look in Wine @ Mens Department/TMD
Pants: [monso] - My Preppy Look in White @ Mens Department/TMD
Glasses: Mr.Poet -Half Rim Eyeglasses

Book/lamp/stool/decor - Epia - Suitcase Table Set in Green (NEW)
Cat: StoraxTree - Feline Treasures - Cream - Calico
Datebook: oyasumi - Leather notebook (gacha)
Lamp/Mud/Seat/Table: Kalopsia - My Own Library Set
Letters: Plethora - Fan Mail Stack Set
Plant: 22769/[bauwerk] - Plant in a bottle
Plant: StoraxTree - Feline Treasures - Pumpkin Patch - Calico
Radio: [Consignment] - Retro Radio - Mono @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room 
Rug: oyasumi - dream rug
Trunk: BananaN - Table Trunk in White @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Now playing: Make It to Me by Sam Smith