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Tannenbaum Holiday Market

Coming this holiday season, Tannenbaum's Holiday Market!! It's an event featuring some of Second Life's outstanding brands across the grid; selling festive clothing, jewelry, skins, hairs, home decor, toys and treats, and more! Once you have done your shopping you should wander into the Christmas Tree Lot and peruse a fantastic selection of ornaments, lights, garland and other trims for your tree!

Tannenbaum's Holiday Market opens Wednesday, November 25th and promises to be a delightful place, where Second Life residents are sure to be swept up in the holiday spirit! Hope to see you there.

Facebook Page: HERE
Location: HERE

| Creators Collection Box Is OPEN |

Creators Collection Box (Event Announcement)

The winter event for the Creators Collection Box showcasing some amazing Japanese items by their designers has begun. It's a sale you don't want to miss. So please stop over today and check out these brands and their releases.

Begins: November 21st till December 12th

Location: HERE
Website: HERE


| Hair O logy Is Now OPEN! |

Hairology poster

Hairology is a collaborative project focusing on one's need for hair. Let's be honest, besides apparel and cars mate, the next thing for us is hair. At this event the selection among these great brands, you are sure to find just what you need.  Be it beards, bases, fros, and the etc, it time to make that trip.

So don't delay. Get going now mates!

Taxi: HERE

| ...the best house sitters money can buy|

| ...the best house sitters money can buy|

6º Republic Decor Items

Bed/Desk: { affaire } - Bed Desk
Laptop:  affaire } - laptop
Beverage: {BE} - Coffee
Cupcakes: {BE} - Cupcakes
Tapestry: {BE} Photo Tapestry*Dusk*

Bike: [tmk] low-chari black (gacha)
Soda Can: [tmk] - 420can (gacha)

Books: Fancy Decor: Print Books
Desk Clock: Fancy Decor - Wire Clock
Picture: Fancy Decor - 'Remedium' Print
Wood Decor: Fancy Decor: Petrified Wood

Book Seat: [IDEZA Furnitures] - Camarillo Book Seat
Fan Light: [IDEZA Furnitures] - Fan Light

Drawers: Bauhaus Movement - Californication - Painted Drawers
Fabric: Bauhaus Movement - Californication - Cloth
Lamp: Bauhaus Movement - Californication - Home Lamp Black
Rug: Bauhaus Movement - Californication -  Rug Black

Fan: BALACLAVA!!- Kehoe Ceiling Fan
Phone: BALACLAVA!! - Kehoe Antique Phone

Floor Lamp: MudHoney - Hudson Lamp - Silver
Sofa: MudHoney - Hudson Sofa w/ pillows Adult - Navy
Table: MudHoney - Hudson Drum Table - Gold

Basket: Soy. - Aged Marquee Letters w/Basket
Bed: N4RS - Kyoto Day Bed - PG
Beer: Kalopsia - Venice Beach Beers
Computer: xin + toro - Hacking statoin (gacha)
Firs: Cube Republic- Douglas Fir 5 Small
Frame: C L A Vv. Framed Drum Sticks (gacha)
Hanging Light: The Hive - Rusted Hanging Lamp // Long
Locker: [Brixley] - Locker console - black
Red Rug: B.C.C - Roxy Bedroom - Knitted Rug -Red F
Shelf: [Commoner] - California Dreamin' / Gallery Shelf (Decorated)
Sign: [ keke ] - Do what you wanna do - white.paint
Wall Clock: NOMAD // Art Deco Industrial // Factory Wall Clock
Wall Lamp: Bazar: California- Industrial lamp

Structure: The [Den.] - Room 144 - The [Den.] Residential Container

Decor: Fancy Decor: Metronome (still) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Shelves: Fancy Decor: White Wash Shelves @ Sad November

Other Decor:

Bowl: 22769 /[bauwerk] - Bowl of Candycorn
Chips: 22769 /[bauwerk] - Bags of Chips
Clothes Shelf: *YS&YS* - Wardrobe Shelf 05 (gacha)
Desk Chair: bitter vanilla - Chair (black)
Desk Pad: oyasumi - Notepad (gacha)
Plant: Bazar -Traveler Plant #2
Radiator: junk. old radiator.
Shoes: Bazar - Stockholm-Sneakers decor (male)


Dog: Just Animals - French Bulldog - Mesh - Full Perm
Dog: Zooby - Ultimate Zooby Black & White Pitbulll 7.0

| 6º Republic is now OPEN |

Updated!! - Poster Official:  6º Republic Event ( 2nd Edition NOV)

We Decorate SL (With Passion) with the collaboration of Fanatik & NotsoBad presents: 6º Republic.

We're so excited to share with you the official list of the amazing group of designers joining us for our Second Edition on November 6 - 20, 2015. The theme for this round is Chicago Vs. California: Trade Cities, always with an industrial background present. We’re really proud of the results we achieved at our first edition and are just as grateful for the overwhelming support we’ve gotten throughout this journey.

So stop by today to take part in this amazing sales event. Our doors are open NOW!!!

Location: HERE

|.....dead tired.|

|...dead tired...|

Avatar: Aphorism - Skeleton (Rare) @ Wayward Halloween


Chair: GizzA - Halloween Decor / Chair - Black (gacha) @ Lost & Found Event
Desk: GizzA - Halloween Decor / Console - Black (gacha) @ Lost & Found Event
Frame: GizzA - Halloween Decor / Ghost Frame Rare (gacha) @ Lost & Found Event
Head: GizzA - Halloween Decor / Skull (gacha) @ Lost & Found Event
Jar: GizzA - Halloween Decor / Eyes Jar (gacha) @ Lost & Found Event
Vase: GizzA - Halloween Decor / Rose Vase Rare (gacha) @ Lost & Found Event
Wine: GizzA - Halloween Decor / Blood Bottle Rare (gacha) @ Lost & Found Event

Rug: Fancy Decor: Sun-bleached Rug @ Shiny Shabby

Board: Wicked Temptation - Dirty Ouija board
Bottle/Carriage: [noctis] - Abandoned victorian pram
Candle/Stand: [noctis] - Magus supplies on plynth
Cat: StoraxTree - Feline Treasures - Sleep - Black or White s
Chair: [noctis] - MESH leather wingback chair
Chandelier: [noctis] - Eve's Snake Victorian chandeliers
Curtain: Chubbylady - Gray 1
Fireplace: [noctis] - The Brasswood Fireplace V2
Picture: [noctis] MESH painting 'The Autopsy'
Plinth: [noctis] - lush plants on Old Stone Plinth TC
Rats: Toax - Family of (4) Rats
Rug: [noctis] - dirty purplish rug
Sofa: [noctis] - MESH chesterfield sofa 2 seater
Teddy: Crushed Violets - Antique Vintage Worn Much Loved Bunnies
Tray: Kalma Shinn -Whisky & Cigar box Tray
Typewriter: Bazar - Stockholm-Typewriter

Structure: Kait Windlow - KK Haunted House Version 3.0

Pose: 3M - chair5_1

|...weighted words lifeless upon the wind|

|...weighted words lifeless upon the wind|


Jacket: ::K:: - A/W Car Coat Homme Corduroy- Black @ Shiny Shabby
Pants: Bueno - Lexicon  Denim Jeans BLkWRN

Pose: 3M - wall5_m_002hat

Location: NorderNey
Now playing: Litost by X Ambassadors